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We know how important it is to create a payroll system that not only works for your business but fits into your busy schedule. Whether you only have a few employees or have dozens of people under your financial system, we can help you find the perfect system for you.


Cegelski & Cegelski SC works with your withstanding payroll system to create a new and more efficient paying system. We make it easy to say goodbye to the days of confusing and unorganized paying and hello to fast, efficient, and easy payroll.

Create the perfect payroll system for your busy business

Often, older businesses can get lost in today's new technology. Our certified public accountants make it easy to get rid of those old, outdated paper time cards, and to install new digital paying systems.


We work to help you become accustomed to computerized time cards and digital

paying systems.

Throw out those paper time cards and step into the age of technology

We always supply FREE electronic filing for all small business tax claims.


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